The current 19-piece Jools Holland and his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra consists of pianist, organist, drummer, three female vocals, guitar, bass guitar, two tenor saxophones, two alto saxophones, baritone saxophone, three trumpets, and three trombones.

They play to audiences in excess of 300,000 each year, touring all over the world, including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, France, Holland, and Belgium.
Jools Holland (Piano/Guitar/Vocals)
Ruby Turner (Vocals)
Louise Marshall (Vocals)
Mabel Ray (Vocals/Backing Vocals)
Gilson Lavis (Drums/Percussion)
Mark Flanagan (Guitar/Backing Vocals)
Dave Swift (Bass)
Christopher Holland (Organ/Piano/Backing Vocals)
Phil Veacock (Saxophone/Backing Vocals)
Michael 'Bammi' Rose (Saxophone/Backing Vocals)
Derek Nash (Saxophone/Backing Vocals)
Nick Lunt (Baritone Saxophone/Backing Vocals)
Roger Goslyn (Trombone/Backing Vocals)
Fayyaz Virji (Trombone/Backing Vocals)
Winston Rollins (Trombone/Backing Vocals)
Jason McDermid (Trumpet/Backing Vocals)
Jon Scott (Trumpet/Backing Vocals)
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